Automatic eco-mode


Automatic eco-mode

Automatic eco-mode switches the lights and HVAC off or to eco-mode when the room is unoccupied. This feature is based on occupancy detection.

One of the important conceptual changes in hotels that is commonly expected to happen in the next five years is the transition from keycard-based locking to mobile/multimodal locking. If all guests are not equipped with keycards, the keycard reader can no longer be used to enable/disable air conditioning and power for the room.

This is one of the reasons why the eco-mode of 401-D controls the air conditioning through a relay or through a BACnet/IP-based Building Management System integration.

Eco-mode relay

An eco-mode relay is a relay controlled by the DALI bus, which sends a signal to the air conditioning system to change its state. A trivial and common way of doing this is by cutting power to the fan-coil unit altogether, but this is not recommended as it will also stop ventilation of the room, leading to poor air quality.

Most modern fan-coil units offer a control system variant that supports relay-based boolean control. In a typical case, the fan coil unit can be set to resume cooling at the set point and fan speed set by the user at the thermostat when the relay is closed and disable cooling, but keep the fan at low speed when the relay is open.

BACnet/IP BMS integration

Mount Kelvin offers the possibility to expose the occupancy state of the room via BACnet-IP to BMS systems. This information can be used for example for HVAC system control when advanced control logic is desired.

Mount Kelvin offers a default mapping of BACnet registers to rooms. The register information needs to be implemented in the BACnet master system by an automation specialist.

When using this feature for an HVAC control use case, the practical HVAC set point changes need to be made in the BMS system. This gives the option of doing more complex logic, eg. based on time of year or outdoor temperature via the BMS system by the general automation contractor.