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Reference and instructions for the Mount Kelvin Cloud API

Eco mode relay


Mount Kelvin 401-D supports setting an AC unit to eco-mode when the room is unoccupied. This is achieved by programming the AC fan coil unit control system to receive an input signal from a relay, the behavior of the unit should be set as follows:

  • Relay is closed: On closing, the AC unit is set to 21C and medium fan speed, customers can use the thermostat to set the temperature to their preferred temperature.
  • Relay is open: Cooling is set to off and fan speed is set to a low setting, user cannot control temperature or fan speed from the thermostat.

Eco mode wiring instructions

  • The relay is potential free, and voltage input can be connected to AC control unit voltage output (Circuit A).
  • Alternatively, if the AC control unit control input can accept 230V AC, the relay can be used to provide a 230V output signal (Circuit B)

Eco-mode BACnet IP extension module

In order to set the HVAC units to eco-mode, when the guest room is unoccupied, the HVAC unit needs to be integrated into Mount Kelvin via the BACnet IP extension module.

  • It needs to be in the same subnet as the BACnet IP gateway
  • It needs access to the internet over MQTT

Required configuration parameters and examples


BACnet IP gateway IP address:

For each room, a BACnet address where the occupancy datum (boolean) will be written:

BACnet mapping example

Room numberBACnet address