Do not disturb / Make up room


Do not disturb / Make up room -feature indicates whether the guest wishes to be not disturbed or wants their room cleaned. The feature replaces the traditional leaflet hanging outside of their door.

DND/MUR status is indicated with colored lights inside and outside of the room, typically placed on the door frame or near the door. Red light is used for do not disturb and blue for clean my room. The indicator light outside of the room stays on constantly but the one inside of the room lights up only for a few seconds after the switch is pressed.

Integration to housekeeping and reservation system can be implemented using cloud API or BACnet API. Out of these, the cloud API is the recommended option.


  • DND/MUR works via a 1-gang EnOcean switch, similar to other switches.
  • The recommended indicator lights are LED-strips, either RGB or RGBW.
  • The indicator lights are controlled with RGB LED drivers.