M Wireless

M Wireless

Guest room management system based on wireless mesh technology.


Here you’ll find all the required information to have your M Wireless properly planned, designed, and delivered.

In order to understand how to design a room equipped with a 401-D, please get acquainted with our hotel room planning guide, which covers the design principles and features.

Key differences compared to 401-D

No bus cables, no room control units

M Wireless is a fully wireless system. Whereas the 401-D has a room control unit per guest room and uses DALI for transmitting control messages, M Wireless uses a wireless mesh network to transmit control messages and has one gateway for the whole building. Effectively, M Wireless has zero meters of bus cable and no components in the electrical cabinet of the guest room.

The wireless nature of M Wireless makes it especially well suited for retrofits as the wireless devices need no bus cabling and can utilize existing power cabling.

System overview


Fleet manager


3rd party integrations


Mount Kelvin cloud

The glue between the fleet management tools and the gateway. Additionally, it:

  • keeps configuration backups
  • serves as the endpoint for 3rd party integrations
  • pushes software updates to the gateway and mesh devices automatically
  • stores sensor data

Other topics

Project timeline
Security and reliability