00-M gateway

The 00-M gateway connects the building and its mesh components to the Mount Kelvin cloud and enables remote control, configuration, and monitoring of the Mount Kelvin GRMS.

Paired with the Wirepas mesh network, the gateway replaces all the individual room control components from every electrical box and all the bus cabling within the rooms.

It’s a massive cost and space saver and simplifies project installations tremendously.


Installation and positioning

The 00-M gateway should be placed in the ceiling in an open area with few concrete or metal walls around it and many routing nodes (such as luminaires or motion sensors) close by to ensure proper formation of the mesh network.

Avoid placing the gateway in the immediate vicinity of wifi access points. The radios inhabit the same frequency band and can affect one another in rare cases.

While even one gateway is usually sufficient, we recommend reserving 1 gateway installation location for each floor to ensure good coverage, should issues arise.

Contact us for advice if the building you’re working on is unusually complex or consists of especially thick walls or metal walls.



Power in
2.1 / 5.5 mm barrel jack type connector for 6-24V input power. Positive polarity (Positive tip, Negative sleeve) 12 VDC power unit included
Internet connection
Internet connection via ethernet RJ45
115 * 95 * 40 mm