401-D price and margin calculator

The price and margin calculator is a spreadsheet file, intended to be used for calculating first rough prices and eventually detailed component quotes.

Mount Kelvin profit calculator.xlsx33.4KB

Please note

Only edit cells with white background

Cells with dark gray background contain important, automatically calculated values

Cells with light gray background include supplementary values



The calculator does not offer tools for quoting design, installation, commissioning, or integration work.

We expect these are normal parts of partners' business and better tools than we could imagine already are available in partners' portfolios.


It is not uncommon for the specification to evolve in stages, eg. make a quote with the most numerous room type first, and refine it from there.

5-step instructions

  1. Create a project-specific copy of the file
  2. Open sheet "Room Types and Components"
    • Input names of room types (B1:I1), number of room types in the hotel (B2:I2), names of components used in any guest rooms (A4:A21), and number of each component used in one room (B4:I21).
  3. Open sheet "Pricing"
    • Set a sale price (for end customer) for each component (B4:B21).
    • The component names, room names, and room counts are automatically copied from the previous step. The tool automatically calculates line prices for each component and the total price per room type.
  4. Open sheet "Margin analysis"
    • Set purchase prices for each component from your price list (B4:B21). The tool automatically calculates margin levels for the whole project, room type, and component.
    • The document works without the "Margin analysis" sheet, you can delete this if you wish to send the spreadsheet to external stakeholders.
  5. Open sheet "Summary"
    • Ensure that everything is correct, and proceed to fill out the commercial proposal template