Updates 05/2022

Updates 05/2022

Fleet Manager

Mark DALI devices as ‘not in use’

You can now mark unnecessary devices and digital input channels in the DALI bus as ‘not in use’.

One example of using this feature is creating the door sensor with Helvar 444 digital input unit. You can decide which channel is used for the sensor implementation and mark the rest of them as ‘not in use’ to get rid of the clutter.


Other updates

  • Drop shadow was added to guest room views to separate them better from the overview.
  • Issues with time signatures in automation features have been fixed – all time signatures are now shown based on operating system locale settings.


Sustainability and savings

We figured out the estimated savings for our system with Sweco. Average total savings per hotel room with Mount Kelvin are


For the average hotel with 327 guest rooms, the total annual savings would be 14 800 euros and 22 563 CO2 kilograms. Automatic eco-mode makes this magic happen.

Learn how guest room controls can help reduce your carbon footprint and get your sustainability efforts certified in our newest blog article.