Setting up a project

  1. Name your project by clicking on the title
  2. Add a new space by clicking the + icon below the title
  3. Add rooms into the space by clicking add room
  4. Add devices to the rooms by clicking the + icon below the rooms

Creating templates

  1. Select the templates tab and mark the space as a template
  2. When you have selected a template and create new spaces, they will automatically have the same devices and configurations
  3. Create different templates for all guest room types in the project

Creating scenes

  1. Select the scenes tab and create a scene
  2. It’s recommended to create separate scenes for different rooms, exclude other rooms from the scenes if necessary
  3. After making changes to the scenes in a template, sync the configuration to all linked spaces under templates tab

Configuring switches

  1. Select the device configuration tab on your template room and select one of the switches
  2. Click on the switch illustration to open the configuration menu
  3. Select the desired configuration for all keys
  4. Sync the configuration to all linked spaces under the templates tab