Guest room management system based on DALI-2 and EnOcean technologies.

Here you’ll find all the required information to have your 401-D2 guest room management system properly planned, designed, and delivered. In order to understand how to design a room equipped with 401-D2, please get acquainted with our GRMS planning guide, which covers the design principles and features.

System overview

Fleet management
3rd party integrations
Mount Kelvin cloud

The glue between the buildings (and their RCUs) and fleet management tools. Additionally, it:

  • keeps configuration backups
  • serves as the endpoint for 3rd party integrations
  • pushes software updates to the RCUs automatically
  • stores sensor data

Room control unit

Controls DALI and EnOcean devices in a guest room.

The 401-D2 room control units are designed to be simple and cost-effective without compromising performance or reliability. RCU is combined with a power supply unit.

The room control unit has autonomous functionality that includes reacting to switch presses and motion events, changes in occupancy state, and arming and triggering automation. By offloading system monitoring and configuration changes to the master unit, response times are improved and bandwidth is saved.


Master unit

Enables the connection between the room control kits and Mount Kelvin cloud.

The 401-D2 master unit accepts connections from all the room control kits and enables monitoring the system and changing the configurations remotely.

The master unit transforms commands sent from Fleet Manager or API integrations into DALI commands, and forwards these to selected room control kits. For example, when “Discover devices in all online RCKs” is activated in Fleet Manager, the master gateway launches this process to all room control kits simultaneously.


Comparison to 401-D

The guest-facing features of 401-D and 401-D2 are identical.

However, there are a few differences that should be taken into account when choosing which devices to connect with the system.

Fleet Manager
Four scenes
Energy saver
Welcome lights
Automatic bathroom lights
Socket outlet control
Curtain motor control
API integrations
Wireless EnOcean switches
DALI luminaire drivers
DALI-2 luminaire drivers
DALI-2 control panels
DALI-2 motion sensors
Multiple DALI universes

Planning tools

Guest room components and datasheets
Guest room components and datasheets
Networking requirements
Networking requirements