Cloud API

Cloud API

Cloud API

Unlike conventional room control and building automation systems where possible IP-based control endpoints reside inside the building's internal network, all Mount Kelvin sites are always connected to the Mount Kelvin cloud.

Mount Kelvin offers partners and customers the use of a cloud-based Application Programming Interface (API) which allows external systems to control, configure and monitor the Mount Kelvin system and connected peripherals.

Any Internet-connected device can access this API and with the right authorization, make use of the functionality available in the API.

API documentation


For controlling a single room

Site group API

For controlling multiple rooms or monitoring the whole hotel

Mount Kelvin does not perform any type of verification of customer-specific custom integrations. If you wish to productize a Mount Kelvin based solution for multiple customers, please let us know and we'll help you find the right solution.

Use cases

Mobile/web applicationIntegrating web-based systems