Lighting control

Lighting control

Lighting control

Four lighting scenes

Empowering the guest is often misinterpreted as granting more control by offering as many options as possible. But four is more.

Scenes are preset lighting settings that grant the guest power over control. Each luminaire is set to the right level in coordination with each other, making the interior design look even better than in those fancy renderings. Lights go on and off softly, and the smooth transitions between scenes are designed to be pleasing to the eye.

Welcome lights

The first impression is key, also in hospitality. When the guest enters their room for the first time, it should make an impression.

Welcome lights beautifully introduces the room and the control system to the guest. It activates a pre-selected lighting scene when the door is opened. With a dimming curve slowly revealing the interior design, the guest will instantly know that they have picked the right place to stay.

Automatic bathroom lights

Nobody wants a solarium treatment when they go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Luckily, it's easy to avoid.

Night lights activate automatically when the bathroom door is opened after hours. The night scene can also be overruled with the four scenes switch, but in most cases, it provides convenience and comfort without even having to think about it.