Guest room management system based on DALI and EnOcean technologies.


Here you’ll find all the required information to have your 401-D properly planned, designed, and delivered.

In order to understand how to design a room equipped with a 401-D, please get acquainted with our hotel room planning guide, which covers the design principles and features.

System overview


3rd party integrations


Mount Kelvin cloud

The glue between the buildings (and their RCUs) and fleet management tools. Additionally, it:

  • keeps configuration backups
  • serves as the endpoint for 3rd party integrations
  • pushes software updates to the RCUs automatically
  • stores sensor data

Planning tools

Project timeline


Can I use any DALI device on the market?
Can I control all types of devices through BACnet or just HVAC systems?
Do I get notified of broken/missing devices?
Can I set a timer-like schedule from the front desk on a specific device like a floor heat bathroom?
Can I use a fire alarm system to control lights in the room?
Are there any limits to group assignments?
Can I disable the occupancy sensor if a scene is activated?
Can I control all lights separately if I want to?