Fleet Manager

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The production testing period is over, and we are delighted to announce that installer views, project status views, and API keys can now be created in all Fleet Manager projects.

All these features can be found on the project summary page, and creating any of them requires only two clicks. View URLs and API keys can be copied to the clipboard for distribution to project stakeholders and access to views can be disabled or deleted at any time from the same location.


For installers

Introducing the electrical installers’ new best friend, always available on their smartphone.

‘All devices on’ and ‘all devices off’ buttons allow the installers quickly determine if all luminaires are installed correctly. They can also access and resolve issues for all guest rooms in the project. The installer view is designed to be used through the browser of a smartphone.


For project managers

A real-time and unbiased overview of the project’s current status.

The project status view allows the project manager and other stakeholders to see how the installation and commissioning of the system are progressing in real-time. A single glance reveals connectivity and production status, and further information is accessed by clicking on the rooms.


For integrators

API keys can now be generated directly in the Fleet Manager.

The keys can be used by project integrators to read data and control devices through custom integrations.


Other updates

  • Generic digital input units can now be used to control devices in guest rooms
  • All channels of digital input units (e.g. Helvar 444) can now be used in guest room configurations