Fleet Manager

Device logs

Device events and changes in occupancy status or connection are now displayed for all guest rooms in Fleet Manager.

This information is very useful for debugging and confirming the system is functioning correctly. Device logs can also be accessed through open cloud API, opening up a world of new use cases for hotels with a 401-D guest room management system.

Navigate to the 'Room control kit' page and select 'View device logs' to view device events for any guest room.


Signal strength for wireless switches

View the wireless signal strength in three categories for all EnOcean devices within the guest rooms in Fleet Manager.

You can use this information if there are any problems with the wireless switches. By checking the signal strength you can troubleshoot if an issue is happening with a specific EnOcean switch or the EnOcean antenna.

Open the 'Room control kit' page and choose the EnOcean devices assigner to view the switches. Now press any switch in the guest room to see its signal strength in Fleet Manager.

Excellent signal ≥ -76 dBm

Good signal ≥ -87 dBm

Bad signal < -87 dBm