Introducing Mount Kelvin 401-D2, a new version of the guest room management system built exclusively for the hospitality industry.

401-D2 features support for DALI-2 devices, including the ability to add wired DALI-2 switches in guest rooms. The system architecture has been streamlined for a cost-effective control, automation, and management solution, without compromising performance or reliability. The guest-facing features of 401-D and 401-D2 are identical.

Fleet Manager


The events log shows the most important activities within each guest room in any Fleet Manager project.

The events log provides a quick and simple overview, and if you need further information, you can still access the device logs under the "Room control kit" tab. Access the events log by selecting a guest room and navigating to the "Events" tab on the right side.


Managing DALI interfaces

DALI controllers in 401-D projects can now be replaced on-the-go without going through a new discovery and assignment process.

Access the DALI interfaces by selecting a guest room and navigating to the "Room control kit" tab in the middle. Real-time information on connected interfaces is displayed, and connections to devices can be managed by selecting "Manage interfaces".

In addition, multiple DALI controllers can now be simultaneously connected to a room control unit. This allows using multiple DALI networks for larger guest rooms, e.g. suites.



  • Generic relay output added as a device
  • Possibility to include curtain events in scenes
  • Possibility to disable device blinking in DALI assignment
  • Adjustments to sync error messages
  • Separator added between different device types in the device overview for guest rooms