Fleet Manager

Occupancy state

The real-time occupancy state of every individual guest room is now visible in Fleet Manager. You’ll find the occupancy state highlighted in the dashboard view with color dot icons.

You can also find this information under the automatic eco-mode tab in each guest room. Here you can also define further actions that should happen when the occupancy state changes.

🔴  Occupied     🟢 Unoccupied     ⚪ Not available
🔴  Occupied 🟢 Unoccupied ⚪ Not available

1-key switch assignment

The assigning of 1-key wireless switches has been updated to help notice mounting errors.

You will now get an error message when assigning a 1-key switch that has been mounted sideways. This small adjustment makes the commissioning even faster than before, removing unnecessary troubleshooting from the process.

Error message in EnOcean assignment window
Error message in EnOcean assignment window


Cuber Suites – a new way to experience the outdoors

Cuber Suites is on a mission to challenge the way hospitality experiences are created.

There’s no pool, no restaurant, no reception desk, and no lobby. Just unspoiled nature with carefully selected technology that enables a fully digital operating model.


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Mount Kelvin travel guide

From urban hideaways to chic city hotels.

We collected some of our finest references into a travel guide. Use this to find accommodation that’s not only luxurious but also at the frontier of modern hospitality technology.


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