Fleet Manager


The essentials for international hospitality operations.

You can now find the current timezone and geolocation of any guest room under the “room control kit” tab. This information is used for schedules and events log timestamps. Timezone can also be overridden manually if needed.



More possibilities for automation within the guest rooms.

Schedules activate a selected scene on a recurring basis. For example, you can now create a scene that shuts the curtains and turns on the night light every weekday at sunset. The amount of schedules is unlimited and they can be used with individual rooms or room templates.


Do not disturb / make up room

DND/MUR is now available for all projects in Fleet Manager.

In order to enable the functionality, you need to have a dedicated switch and indicator to set the room status. We recommend using e.g. an LED strip to show the selected status inside of the guest room. The status can also be read through the cloud API and sent to the external systems, such as PMS.



  • Room control kit connected/disconnected information added to events log.
  • Events log has now an infinite scroll, meaning it loads all the events that have ever occurred in a guest room.
  • When running a mass discovery, the rooms that have been set to “ready for production” will not be discovered.
  • Device blinking in the assignment mode is enabled by default only in guest rooms that have been set to “not ready for production”.