Fleet Manager

Maintenance access

A new way to collaborate in Fleet Manager.

You can now invite collaborators to projects in Fleet Manager with restricted access. The maintenance access includes only the essential functionalities for the hotel’s maintenance crew, without the possibility of accidentally unassigning the RCKs.


Cleaning lights

A hidden feature for the housekeeping. 

Press any 2-key switch’s both keys simultaneously from the upper end to activate all lights to 100 % in the guest room. This functionality is active by default in all new Fleet Manager projects.


Wireless sensors

EnOcean door and motion sensors are now compatible.

Fleet Manager now supports wireless EnOcean door sensors and motion sensors. The functionality has currently been tested with Thermokon hardware, please reach out if you’re planning to use another supplier.


  • 401-D2 technical guide released on mountkelvin.com
  • “Run device check” added to the assignment view
  • Confirmation modal added when unassigning RCKs or removing collaborator access